At Element Energy Systems (E2SYS), we are proud to offer wind power turbine installation services to homes and businesses across Long Island, New York. As a local energy solutions provider with a commitment to sustainability, we help our clients tap into the vast potential of wind energy and enjoy the economic and environmental benefits it brings.

Our Services

Comprehensive Consultation

Understanding your specific needs is our priority. The process begins when you fill out a form providing us with basic information about your home or business, the proposed location for the turbine, and your contact details. This initiates a conversation with our team of experienced wind power installers, who will call to discuss your project in more detail and schedule an on-site visit.

Proposal and Contract

Once we gather all the necessary information, we will prepare a detailed installation proposal. This includes an outline of all applicable rebates – from Long Island, state, and federal energy tax credits – that can significantly reduce the cost of your wind power installation. We will discuss this proposal with you, and upon agreement, contracts will be signed.

On-site Assessment

During the site visit, our specialists will assess the location of the proposed wind turbine, take wind measurements, and answer any specific questions you might have about wind power installation. We are here to guide you through each step of the process and ensure your installation aligns with your energy goals and the specifics of your property.


After the contract is signed and the wind generator and equipment arrive, our skilled team of installers will begin the installation work. A typical residential wind power installation takes 1-2 days to complete, with our team working diligently to ensure the job is done efficiently and safely.

Why Choose E2SYS?

Our dedication to customer satisfaction and our expertise in regional energy transmission sets us apart. We believe in the power of local, which is why we employ Long Island wind energy installation experts to ensure a smooth installation process and quick follow-up and maintenance.

We also stay informed about the latest incentives and rebates available for wind turbine and wind generator installation. In many cases, these can reduce the cost of your installation by approximately 50%. Our team is ready to help you navigate these opportunities to make wind power a cost-effective solution for your home or business.

Connect With Us

Ready to harness the power of the wind? We invite you to fill out our wind power installer form or call us directly. An approved, licensed residential wind turbine installer from our team will contact you within hours.

At E2SYS, we envision a sustainable future powered by renewable energy. Join us in making this vision a reality.

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