What is the process for going solar?


Whether you decide to go with a full-service, trusted, local provider that takes care of everything, or hire a national company who installs by subcontracting with several companies, going solar typically takes 3–6 months.

  • See If You Can Qualify

    Provide your home address to our Sun Advisors so we can see how your project looks and if you qualify before setting up a site visit.
  • Connect with our Sun Advisors to compare quotes and ideas

    Set up and visit to review your home and your plans for getting solar.  We want to make sure you understand all of the benefits and that we design the system to work the way you need it to.  Every project is unique and your situation is unique, it is our job to match the [...]
  • Receive a home solar analysis

    Enter your home address into our calculator so we can estimate the potential energy production and bill savings you could generate with an electric roof.
  • Visit to review proposed designs

    Now that our Sun Advisor has come up with the best designs that work for you situation, you will sit to review them and ask questions and see which options work best for you.  At this point you will finalize any design layouts.
  • Engineer system and obtain permit

    Review and approve your system design so your provider can get permits from your local building department.
  • Install and inspect

    Typical systems can be installed in a day or two. After installation local city and utility representatives will come out to your home to inspect the system.
  • System start up

    Start up system and watch electric bills go away.  Once the system starts it will immediately start saving you money, and producing clean, affordable, energy.  Your electric bill will now come with its own “credit bank” in which your extra energy produced is save for later use.
Producing Electricity


See how long a solar provider has been in the industry isn’t the only sign of a good provider, but it helps. Look for how many references they are willing to give and how many systems they’ve installed.  Listen to what they say and if it measures up.


Customer ratings sometimes don’t tell the whole story, especially if the review is only about the initial phone call. Look for reviews and testimonials which good insights into overall customer experience, level of service, and response time.


Look for certifications, sub-contracted work,  licensed contractors, and photos of completed jobs.  Look at the details in the photos of the jobs they show you.  Do you see conduit all over the roof?


A good solar provider will be transparent. Make sure they list out all your estimated costs with projected savings, system installation, and maintenance costs, as well as product warranties to help protect your investment.


What panels and inverters do they offer.  Solar design done right is not a one size fits all type of design.  There are 100’s of panels to choose from and assembly of the mounting system is critical.  Some providers have a wide range of types.


It’s a good idea to look at a solar provider’s average wait time for installation. In the past we have heard of it taking a year for some providers to install a given project.  Ask when they would schedule your installation and if you will have any issues with the local township.


Make sure they provide product and performance warranties.  The standard is 20 year warranty for solar panels, which leaves you worry-free for the duration of your lease or loan or purchase.  A good provider will guarantee their installation quality

Very easy to go solar with Element. Very clean install. The app to monitor the panels is great. From sales to installation the entire process went smooth. I definitely recommend Element.

Bryan Duffe Avatar
Bryan Duffe

The work this company performed was amazing. I would recommend anyone to use this company for their solar needs because of their professionalism, accurate and prompt service they provide.

Igor Sepulveda Avatar
Igor Sepulveda

This company is absolutely amazing from beginning to end. They are extremely responsive and nice. I have had other solar companies come to me to offer quotes but none of the others were so specific and careful in mentioning every... read more

Mia Tena Avatar
Mia Tena

This company did a great job in not only explaining how solar power works and the advantages of lowering your bill but also all the options and what would work best for our family. They were professional, patient and informative.... read more

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Paula McNulty

My experience with Element Energy Systems was outstanding. I had solar panels installed by another company a few years ago. We noticed that one of the panels was not registering. We tried contacting our company that installed... read more

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P Hammel

I recently had solar panels installed by the Element Energy team and I could not be more pleased with the outcome. The entire process was seamless and the attention to detail flawless. I highly recommend anyone who is considering solar... read more

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Patricia Louie

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The overall product, experience, and company has been better then we expected. We spoke to many companies before choosing Element Energy to do our work.  They are a family run shop who I can trust to have my best interests in mind.


This company was amazing, everything they said I would get, I got, plus more.  The systems are working better then expected. THANKS!

Mr. Pabone

Excellent work. On time, Clean, Organized, The system works perfectly.