In addition to providing Solar Power Solutions for private residential clients, E2SYS also helps commercial businesses and government institutions in switching to solar, wind and geothermal. If you’re business could use some tax relief or just a lower electricity bill, E2SYS is here to make the transition simple and easy.

PSEGLI is in a difficult position allowing the disruptive technology of solar power to be used by commercial businesses. But thanks to NY State for its Net Metering laws, you can lawfully own or lease your solar system and benefit from reduced electricity costs. While PSEGLI may not want you to get solar, E2SYS is skilled at helping your business and PSEGLI to complete your installation.

Going solar is often the best way to recapture business profits! Solar can be even better than buying new fixed or mobile assets. The way it works is simple:

  • E2SYS puts the Solar panels on your roof
  • You get to drastically reduce your PSEGLI electricity usage
  • Use the solar power at a low fixed rate to offset your usage and demand
  • Enjoy the benefit of tax savings and rebate to reduce your monthly solar payment
  • Get an asset on the books that APPRECIATES!
  • Gain a stable power source and relationship with a reputable, experienced team of engineers, designers and Installers who can take your systems to the next generation of clean, sustainable power.

How it Works: Every usage is unique and you need a system that is just as unique to match. A cookie cutter approach will never fully fit the bill. This is why E2SYS puts quite a lot of time and attention into getting it just right. So to find out the right solution for you, click here or give us a call (631) 779-4004 (we need to get the right phone number for the website) with your electric bill handy and schedule a time for you and your team to learn more about how solar can benefit your bottom line.

Waiting is a never the better option when it comes to solar. Whether you lease your system or own it, the cost of solar is subsidized by the government through the use of bonus depreciation, 5 year depreciation, a 30% tax credit on the total cost of the system (including roof upgrades, electrical upgrade and shading/tree removal) and a generous New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) rebate. All of those bonuses add up to a ton of savings. The 30% tax credit (ITC) is set to reduce over the next few years. As long as your installation is commenced prior to the change, your business will still be eligible for the incentive.

The 30% Federal Income Tax Credit is set to reduce in the following schedule:

2020 – 26%
2021 – 22%
2022 – 0%