About Us

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

Our Mission:

To provide renewable energy products and services that are economically cost effective and environmentally sustainable, by our method of education and demonstration of living and working by example of their use.

Eastern Energy Systems, Inc. (E2sys) is a renewable energy company based on the North Fork of Long Island that specializes in the sales and installation of Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind, and Geothermal technologies. We are a ‘Living by Example’ company that implements practical, cost effective solutions to our customers while setting the industry standard. In addition, E2sys believes in the importance of educating our community about renewable energy and the need for a self-sustainable, energy efficient society.

Living by Example Tour

parcel, solar tracker, solarWe offer ‘Living by Example' Tours at our facility in Laurel, New York. E2sys has the largest array of renewable energy on display Read More...

As pioneers of energy independence, Eastern Energy Systems is laying the groundwork for the future of the energy industry. Our ultimate objective is to provide you with clean, renewable energy tailored to your needs that will eliminate or significantly reduce your electric bill. We strive to offer customized solutions to design a system upon the specifications of your location, ensuring the optimal cost efficiency and the payback period you deserve.

Our Involvement in the Community

E2sys invites you to come learn about renewable energy and discover how liberating freedom from electric bills can be. Using a scientific approach, e2sys relies on quantitative and qualitative data to determine the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the technology we offer to our customers. Keeping with our philosophy to educate the community, we offer ‘Living by Example’ Tours that showcase firsthand the practical implications of renewable energy.  We encourage you to come for a visit and are always available to answer any questions you may have about this exciting technology.

Eastern Energy Systems is a company that is deeply involved in many organizations promoting the use of sustainable living. E2sys is a resource for the LI Green Building Council, a member of the Riverhead Renewable Energy Council and the Hauppauge Industrial Association. We are a participant in the HIA Energy and Infrastructure Committee and were nominated by the HIA for their ‘Rookie of the Year Award for Top New Business’. E2sys members regularly serve as guest speakers for the Sierra Club and have frequently contributed to the International Low-Carbon Consortium.

Internship Spotlight

green internship, solar, windJaclyn Klaus is a Chemical Engineering undergraduate at Notre Dame University. After completing the internship program Read More...

Education On Long Island

We are also acutely concerned with the education of the younger generation on the technology and culture that surrounds renewable energy and a healthy environment. For this reason, e2sys frequently participates in school programs such as: the Kid Wind Competition with Shoreham Wading River HS, Earthstock at Stony Brook University, various Earth Day events, as well as the installation of renewable energy technology at Wyandanch school.

E2sys offers internship opportunities for the inspired youth of Long Island. Our program provides students with a hands-on experience in the renewable energy industry unlike any other. For more information see Internship Opportunities.

E2sys is proud to be a part of something that will truly change the world and we invite you to learn as much as possible about renewable energy. Whether you would like to come down and take a tour or organize a presentation at your workplace or school, we want you to be a partner in a greener, cleaner America.

Save money.  Save energy.  Save the environment.  Eastern Energy Systems Inc.